Can an Undocumented Spouses of a U.S. Citizen Work Legally? Soon, Yes!

Can Undocumented Spouses of a U.S. Citizen Work Legally? | Undocumented Spouses Work Legally

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Several respectable media sources are reporting that President Joseph Biden is considering giving temporary legal status, and a path to American citizenship, for wives and husbands of U.S. citizens. After this happens, thousands of foreigners may be able to apply for work permits almost immediately.

What is Biden’s Parole in Place?

President Biden is considering giving “parole in place” to wives and husbands of U.S. citizens. In simplest terms, when a foreigner is given parole in place, they are protected from deportation and are allowed to apply for a work permit.  Parolees are legally allowed to work and live in this country, even if they entered without authorization by crossing a border.

Parole in place is not new. Every administration since Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower has used its broad authority to grant immigration status. In fact, my parents arrived from Cuba in 1967 aboard the Freedom Flights, and Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson assigned them the status of parolee.

In addition to a work permit and protection from deportation, parolees can IMMEDIATELY apply for a green card.  There are thousands of wives and husbands of American citizens in the United States who do not have green cards only because they entered without permission.  Without parole, a foreign spouse must apply for a Provisional Waiver and then go to an embassy interview outside in their home country. Splitting a couple – which may have small children and elderly grandparents — without being sure that one of them will return is a risk many couples refuse to take.

What Should I Do Now to Prepare for Biden’s Announcement?

Although one must wait for the official announcement, Biden’s other parole programs are a good meter of what documents foreigners will need to get parole in place.  First, get a certified copy of the marriage certificate. This is available online through state government websites. Second, get a copy of both passports: the US citizen’s passport and the foreign spouse’s passport. Third, begin to gather documents to demonstrate that the marriage is valid.  Because each case is different, Blandon Law attorneys help clients organize what they have and review the documents to make sure the chance of approval is high.  The couple can get ahead of the expected parole rush by organizing the following: birth certificates of their children, joint bank account statements, joint insurance documents, and a lease (or a mortgage) that includes both names.

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