The benefit for an immediate relative who is in the United States is speed and ease of processing. With the Adjustment of Status process, they can usually get a work permit within four months and a Green Card within a year after filing the application for residency, Form I-485. This is the Green Card application to Immigration.

Immediate relatives who entered the United States legally can file for a Green Card at the same time that the U.S. citizen files the petition for them. They do not need to wait for the Priority Date to become current. They do not need to get an immigrant visa in their home country.

Preference category relatives can only file for Adjustment of Status if they are in status when the Priority Date becomes current.


Anyone who understands English can read instructions, fill out the applications for a Green Card and naturalization, and mail them in.  In fact, companies without lawyers do this.  

But you get what you pay for. Respected, award-winning lawyers are known and trusted by immigration officers.  To maintain our excellent reputation, Blandon Law only works as attorneys for persons who value a relationship and a welcoming experience.

The Adjustment of Status process, or consular processing, can take over a year. From filing of application, through the interview, and until the person receives their Green Card, Blandon Law attorneys answer their questions:

  • What documents should I take to the Green Card interview?
  • What questions should I expect at the immigration interview?
  • What if the Adjustment of Status is denied?

Although the answers differ depending on the type of Green Card case and where the interview is held, our goal is to avoid surprises for our clients.  The happier they are, the faster they will refer friends and family members.