What Should Venezuelans Say in Asylum?

What Should Venezuelans Say in Asylum

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I oppose the government; Venezuelans are needlessly dying because government officials care more about becoming rich than about the health of our people.

That is part of the statement from a Blandon Law client – we’ll call him Jose — who recently won his asylum case. Because he won, he, his wife, and their two minor children can continue to live in the United States. They will become U.S. citizens in the future.

That sentence was not quoted directly from Jose.  Instead, Jose originally said, “Currently, the health of the Venezuelan people is being harmed by the embezzlement conducted against the nation.”  Confusing, confuddled, and the original sentence did not mention Jose’s political opinion. Our attorney’s edited statement was the roadmap of the moments in the applicant’s life; the asylum officer used this roadmap to understand the case and grant asylum.

Our Attorneys Impress Immigration with Dramatic Statements

Blandon Law attorneys asked Jose many detailed questions about his original sentence: What do you mean by their health is being harmed? They are dying. Who is doing the embezzlement? Government officials.  Why are they doing it? Because they care more about becoming rich than anything else. Our questions also serve clients because the statement becomes more dramatic, and immigration officers are human beings. Immigration officers – like all human beings – want to read the story. In the situation of asylum applicants, immigration officers want to read the story of the client’s life: Who are they? What happened to them? Why were they harmed? Why can’t they return to Venezuela? Or Colombia or Ecuador or China?

Founder Has Master’s Degrees In Writing

The better the writing by the attorney, the higher the chance of winning asylum.

In addition to a juris doctor degree from one of the top law school, Elizabeth Rose Blandon recently obtained a master’s degree in non-fiction writing. Writing excellent client statements, our founder believes,  can make the difference between an applicant, and their descendants, becoming United States citizens or being cast back into an unknown fate.

We take your case seriously. We take your future seriously. Call 954.385.0157 or click “For Future Clients” today to schedule an asylum consultation.

Disclaimer – These entries are based on real life events. Family member names, when used, are real. Client names are changed for privacy.

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