Can a Man Get VAWA I-360?

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My wife screamed so loud that her face changed to red. I found myself walking with my head down and responding only when spoken to. When I tried to speak to her family about my wife’s rage, they would say, “Find a solution.” They meant that her abuse was my fault. Once, I asked her not to yell at the children and my wife replied, “You shut up or I’ll call the police.” Her mother added, “And if she does, you are gone quickly.”

My wife was jealous because she was older than me. When I took a ride with my daughter on a bus, my wife demanded I send her a photo of the bus ticket. I did that, but because the bus was delayed, she accused me of cheating on her with my ex-wife. She threw my clothes out of the apartment. Later, she took me back but did not give me the house keys until months later.

The above are parts of statements by two men, both Blandon Law clients who won their Violence Against Women Act I-360 cases. The first man gave up his medical career to support the baby he thought was his. The second endured terrible names including wetback. Our I-360 VAWA attorneys helped them improve their personal statements by asking questions to get more details and editing for grammar. VAWA clients benefit from the lawyer’s over 20 years of immigration law experience, as well as her dual bachelor’s degrees in journalism and literature, and master’s degree in non-fiction. No other American immigration lawyer has this unique mix of expertise and education.

Does the VAWA Act Apply to Men?

The Violence Against Women Act was originally created to protect women, but it has since been expanded. Now, persons of any gender can get a green card through VAWA. The applicant must be the spouse, child, or parent of a US citizen or legal permanent resident. VAWA provides green cards for foreigners who survived abuse, domestic violence OR mental cruelty.

What Disqualifies You from VAWA?

Several factors can disqualify a persons from a VAWA I-360 green card. Importantly, only a person of good moral character can get legal permanent residency with this law. So, a foreigner who has a domestic violence arrest – even if it resulted from defending yourself against your spouse, even if the charge was dropped – must hire an immigration lawyer to win their VAWA case.

Persons who have been arrested for other offenses, including more than one driving under the influence or stealing, may also be denied. To increase the chance of getting a VAWA green card, click “For Future Clients” or call 954.385.0157 to schedule a consultation.

Disclaimer – These entries are based on real life events. Family member names, when used, are real. Client names are changed for privacy.

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