Cubans and Venezuelans in Florida Should Become U.S. Citizens

Legal permanent residents who are citizens of Cuba and Venezuela should file for U.S. citizenship as soon as possible.  Until they become citizens of the United States, through naturalization, they remain foreigners in the eyes of the law. Florida is showing just how unkind it can be to foreigners even if they have lived in the country for decades. Under a Florida law SB264 by Governor Ron DeSantis, citizens of Cuba and Venezuela – as well as China, Russia, Syria, North Korea and Iran – face stiff financial penalties if they do not register their real estate before the end January 2024.

U.S. Citizenship is Fast with Blandon Law

Although the new Florida Law SB264 does not apply to legal permanent residents, it does apply to the Cubans and Venezuelans who are students, asylum applicants, refugees, parolees, temporary workers (from construction workers to physicians) or have temporary protected status. Blandon Law will provide a receipt from the government, showing that the Cuban or Venezuelan foreigner filed for naturalization, within a week of filing the application. This is because we file the application online. After filing the naturalization application online, our attorneys follow up with the government through the preparation of the Florida resident’s interview with the immigration officer.

The Florida Law SB264 May Be Illegal

The new Florida Law SB264 allows the government to seize properties it deems are in violation. However, laws are not legal just because they are passed by a state. For example, for many years children in public education had to be taught in separate classrooms on the basis of race. The Supreme Court decided that was an illegal law.  Similarly, the Supreme Court may decide (depending on how the judges feel about foreigners) that this Florida law is illegal.

Whether the Supreme Court banishes this law against Cubans and Venezuelans and other noncitizens or not, it is clear that noncitizens who live in Florida – and the dozen other states which have offered similar rules – apply for naturalization to become U.S. citizens as soon as they can.

Disclaimer – These entries are based on real life events. Family member names, when used, are real. Client names are changed for privacy.

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