Africa’s Lesson #1: Hire Immigration Lawyer Guide ASAP

Accomplishments are fun and going to Africa was the fun-nest thanks to the helpful safari company. I hired them three months before I went to Tanzania. The first lesson that Africa taught me is that I should have hired them sooner. Much like Blandon Law does with our clients, my safari company sent me emails, offered me options, and gave me much information about what I could expect. I was dreaming about driving in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a picnic lunch with a lion in the horizon, and an infinite plain of zebras and giraffes in the Serengeti.

The couple that went with us, however, hired the safari company one year before the trip. After they finished with Tanzania, they had another trip booked to see gorillas in Rwanda. Because they booked so early, they also had a longer payment plan with the safari company. Africa reminded me what I tell Blandon Law clients so often: the earlier you hire us, the farther your dollar stretches. We can provide additional services for the same money (not a trip to see gorillas, but maybe a work permit at no cost) and we give longer payment plans (stretching not a year, but maybe half a year).

What Do You Get for Free from Blandon Law?

Service. The safari company answered my emails before I traveled. Similarly, most everything that you can call part of customer service has no additional fee with Blandon Law. Have a question on how getting married will affect your case? Yes, we answer that for no cost.  Have a question on whether the new law helps or hurt you? Yes, we guide our clients on that for no cost. In fact, when there are changes that apply to specific countries (like Temporary Protected Status), we message our clients for free to let them know what to expect.

Let us be your safari guide in the jungle of immigration land. And, once a client, you remain part of the Blandon Law tribe. We look forward to talking with you either on the phone or through a virtual consult.

Disclaimer – These entries are based on real life events. Family member names, when used, are real. Client names are changed for privacy.

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