The isolation of asylum applicants is deeply profound. The huddled masses yearning to breathe free file their applications with the government and may not get permission to remain permanently until a decade later.

The Isolation of the Asylum Applicant

Until they receive asylum approvals, asylum applicants generally cannot travel internationally. For that decade, they are isolated from their families and the friends they grew up with.
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Working for Free is Abuse

Unpaid work for a spouse can be abusive if it's not consensual and aligns with your own goals. Independence and choice must be respected.
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What Can You Do With a Work Permit?

Work permits open doors to adventures and opportunities. Ms. Blandon reflects on her and her mother’s first jobs.
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The Awesome VAWA Attorney, the Awful Person

The Awesome VAWA Attorney, the Awful Person New Beginnings Elizabeth Blandon July 24, 2023 2 minutes In the 1990s, inside the red brick buildings of the University of Pennsylvania’s law
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We are Not Our Careers

The narrator reflects on her career path, questioning if we ever truly know what we want to be. Her mother's childhood dream of becoming a teaching nun comes partially true
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